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In my observation, if you are honest on Linkedin about being jobless, the recruiters don’t contact you and that feels very unfair. What is the best way to be honest but not punish yourself at the same time?

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LinkedIn icon v2I think your assertion may be a generalization. If you are not being contacted by recruiters, it may only mean that you aren’t on their radar. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are snubbing you.

Linkedin provides a very good medium to promote one’s experience and more important, their abilities. Your entire Linkedin profile has to be crafted to feature you as a solution to somebody’s problem. Recruiters and employers search Linkedin for potential job/position candidates. They have a problem to solve, i.e. filling the position and they would likely want to generate a slate of possibilities, rather than just one individual.

  As originally answered on Quora.com

At the risk of suggesting something that you may have already thought of or someone else has suggested, I would go with a topic that you already know something about and that you are passionate about. This takes a lot of pressure off of you with having to come up with a new topic and becoming a quick expert on it.

You say that you know that the interview is to test your presentation skills. ‘Test’ is kind of a vague term. Test, to me, would seem to indicate that the interviewers have a predetermined set of criteria to test you against. That leads to a pass fail result. Perhaps thinking in terms of assessing you, may be helpful.

There is a difference. If you are being assessed by a panel of interviewers, there is the possibility that not all of the interviewers are good at presenting themselves. They are relying on the opinions of those that are skilled. The interviewers are tasked with choosing the right candidate for the job. This presentation is only one part of the interview process. It might be helpful to consider the entire interview process as one big presentation.