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Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly! by Rae Stonehouse.In Rae's first book Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly! (available as a downloadable e-book at www.powernetworkingforshypeople.comwww.powernetworkingforshypeople.com ) he outlines a system that he developed to help overcome his shyness, get him out networking and moving me to fame and fortune. He's still waiting for that last part though … waiting … waiting …

Recent research is indicating that some 50% of North Americans describe themselves as being shy. If you are shy, you are in good company. Networking can be daunting if you are challenged with shyness, this book provides practical tips & techniques that he has used successfully. If they work for him they will likely work for you!

Need a speaker or workshop presenter for your event? Content is customizable for your needs. Examples include: How to develop a dynamic elevator pitch; Personal branding for the business networker; Networking 101.

Contact Rae @ 250-451-6564 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PROtect Yourself Book Cover  Rae is the author of "PROtect Yourself! Empowering Tips & Techniques for Personal Safety: A Practical Violence Prevention Manual for Healthcare Workers" available as a downloadable e-book at protectyourselfnow.caprotectyourselfnow.ca.

Once upon a time it was safe to go to work. Maybe that was just a fairy tale because the times have certainly changed. Increased violence has become part of our everyday life be it at home or at work. We read about it daily in the newspaper and are bombarded with violent stories from the television and radio.

PROtect Yourself! provides an integrative, non violent approach to dealing with physical aggression and verbal threat. Its method of information delivery is designed to help you develop greater awareness and vigilance, hone observational and judgment skills and to learn communication techniques to defuse potentially volatile situations.







Emcee Squared Book CoverE=Emcee Squared: Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Dynamic Master of Ceremonies by Rae A. Stonehouse

Albert Was Right!

In this practical, easy to use e-book, Rae A. Stonehouse a.k.a. Mr. Emcee, puts the “Master” in Master of Ceremonies. He shares tips & techniques that he has learned over the years in becoming a dynamic Master of Ceremonies.

Officiating as a Master of Ceremonies at an event is a lot like looking at an iceberg floating in the water. The public only sees what is happening at the event … the tip of the iceberg. They don’t see what has happened behind the scenes or under the water, so to speak, to make everything look like it is running smoothly.

As in his other publications he uses the “onion” approach of content exploration where he systematically peals back layer after layer. He takes his readers on a journey of discovery to the behind the scenes world of event organizing and the how-to of being an effective, dynamic Master of Ceremonies.

This step-by-step e-book is a primer for wannabe Master of Ceremonies or those that have just accepted the role of Emcee and are asking themselves “What have I got myself into? How do I even start?”

Experienced Emcees can benefit by gaining a different perspective on how they perform the role and add new skills to their repertoire.

Available as a downloadable e-book at http://emceesquared.mremcee.com/


“Rae Stonehouse, Mr. Emcee himself, covers every important detail of the emcee role I have ever encountered, and then more. This kind of primer should be required reading for anyone asked to be an emcee.” – Chuck D, Distinguished Toastmaster and School Board Trustee.




 Power of Promotion Book CoverThe Power of Promotion! On-line Marketing For Toastmasters Club Growth

For many Toastmasters Clubs, one of the biggest challenges in running a successful and productive club is maintaining a constant flow of visitors to attend and join you and your fellow Toastmasters as a member. Members come and members go. Life happens! Your Club membership can quickly change from a healthy charter-strength club to one in danger of losing its Charter.

Veteran Toastmaster of over two decades, Rae Stonehouse DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), PDG (Past District Governor, District 21)has witnessed the cycle several times with his own club Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters.

Toastmasters are social!

Toastmasters are known to be quite social, after-all we are striving to hone our communication skills. Then along comes social media and on-line tools that can increase not only our reach but our productivity.

Social media is here to stay!

Social media is here to stay, at least until the next “big thing” comes along. Keeping up with what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not could easily turn into a full-time job. And indeed it has for many people as they have created a new career as Social Media Managers.

The Power of Promotion! On-line Marketing For Toastmasters Club Growth by Rae Stonehouse flattens the learning curve for anyone who wants to maximize their time spent on-line, without turning it into a full-time job.

Rae believes that Toastmasters clubs should be run like businesses and social media platforms provide promotional and marketing opportunities that can help spread the word about one of the world’s best kept secrets... Toastmasters.

In this easy-to-read, how-to manual, Rae shares his experience with using social media to draw attention to his Toastmasters club and to convert visitors to social media properties to actually visit his club and to join. Sometimes it has worked … sometimes not!

Available as a downloadable e-book at http://powerofpromotion.ca/http://powerofpromotion.ca/.


You're Hired! Job Search Strategies That WorkSearching for and landing a job can be a stressful, demoralizing experience, especially, if you don’t know how to do it properly. The ‘old ways’ don’t work anymore.

Finding rewarding work ... is work!
You're Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work, puts you to work in learning how to use ‘best practices’ to land your ‘dream’ job.

This book provides strategic techniques to maximize your job searching effectiveness. Strategies include:

  • Understanding the psychology of job-searching
  • Envisioning your success
  • Crafting & fine-tuning your resume
  • Creating your network web of contacts
  • Leveraging your references
  • How to excel at interview questions
    ... and much more!

Nobody can make a promise that if you follow their program, you will be guaranteed the results you are looking for and we won’t either.

However, we’re confident that if you follow the strategies outlined in this book, you will be successful in landing a job.

From our experience, one of the biggest problems that job seekers often face is that they feel that they are coming from an inferior position and they don’t have a lot of personal power.

The belief being that the Employer has the superior position and has all the power.

Yes, they have the job and they have the power to give you the job ... or not.

What you may not realize is that many Hiring Managers are under similar pressures as you, the job seeker.

They have the pressure of finding the right candidate for the vacancy they need to fill.

They are accountable to their superiors should the person they hire not work out.

Hiring managers are under pressure to hire the right candidate.

Your task is to become the only choice. The right choice!


Available as a downloadable e-bookdownloadable e-book.

Also available as an on-line, self-paced e-courseself-paced e-course






  • Chris Rowe
  • Chris Rowe
    Owner/Chief Instructor Quest Martial Arts Inc.

    During a brief 20 minute presentation I was able to pick up several great tips for improving my position on social media. Rae's easy going, calm manner of speaking and presenting information made it easy to follow and enjoyable to be a part of. ...


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Rae Stonehouse

Author Bio:

Rae A. Stonehouse is a Canadian born author & speaker. His professional career as a Registered Nurse working predominantly in psychiatry/mental health, has spanned four decades.

Rae has embraced the principal of CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement) as promoted by thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and brings that philosophy to each of his publications and presentations.

Rae has dedicated the latter segment of his journey through life to overcoming his personal inhibitions. As a 20+ year member of Toastmasters International he has systematically built his self-confidence and communicating ability. He is passionate about sharing his lessons with his readers and listeners. His publications thus far are of the self-help, self-improvement genre and systematically offer valuable sage advice on a specific topic.

His writing style can be described as being conversational. As an author Rae strives to have a one-to-one conversation with each of his readers, very much like having your own personal self-development coach. Rae is known for having a wry sense of humour that features in his publications.


Author of Self-Help Downloadable E-Books:

Power Networking for Shy PeoplePower Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly!

PROtect Yourself!PROtect Yourself! Empowering Tips & Techniques for Personal Safety: A Practical Violence Prevention Manual for Healthcare Workers.

E=Emcee SquaredE=Emcee SquaredTips & Techniques to Becoming a Dynamic Master of Ceremonies.

Power of PromotionPower of Promotion: On-line Marketing for Toastmasters Club Growth

You're Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work: Available as an easily downloadable e-book or as an on-line e-course. 

Phone Rae 250-451-6564 or info@raestonehouse.com

Rae’s social … are you?

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