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Power of Persuasion: Speaking to Get Other People to Make Things Happen!, article by Rae StonehousePreamble:

There probably isn’t a day go by where we aren’t exposed to the act of persuasion. Either somebody is trying to sell us something, advertising is everywhere, or we are trying to convince another to take our advice or to give us something that we want.

We developed the skills of persuasion when we were children. I recall actively trying to convince my parents why I should be allowed to stay up past my regular bedtime to watch a television show that I wanted to see. Or why I should be able to watch a show that I was interested in that was on at the same time as a show that they were watching. I’m dating myself with that example, this was back in the olden days when households only had one television. I know … it is hard to believe that people actually lived in those conditions! Even negotiating with our mothers for an extra serving of dessert or a treat, helped us hone those skills of persuasion that would become so important to us in adulthood and in our professional careers.

This article is the result of the research that I undertook in preparation for a presentation titled: ‘The Power of Influence: Speaking to Make Things Happen!’ Ironically, as I researched the topic I found that perhaps the presentation should have been titled ‘The Power of Persuasion: Speaking to Get Other People to Make Things Happen!’

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