Okanagan Panorama

Monday, 16 February 2015 04:52

Kelowna: Spin City?

In trying to write a weekly thought-provoking business-related article of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners I try to avoid focusing too much on Kelowna. There are truly many other amazing communities to live and do business in throughout the Okanagan. But the City of Kelowna, or its elected representatives, leave themselves open for scrutiny.

Once upon a time our sole source of information was the newspaper, often having taken ages to arrive to the targeted reader. Nowadays, news is instantaneous. We are bombarded with news items every minute of every single day. Breaking news now … and for ever. Television, radio, internet, mobile devices … it is everywhere!

But is it really news? Most of it isn’t. Much of it is marketing and promotion packaged as news.

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