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Video: Rae's Speeches & Presentations

Video: Rae's Speeches & Presentations (1)

Rae Stonehouse RN DTM PDG shares his views on How Seniors Can Live a Life of Abundance, delivered before an audience at the Rexall Drugstore in Westbank in November of 2011. This project was undertaken by Caring 4 U Home Support Services in Kelowna.




Power of Persuasion by Rae Stonehouse

Published on Feb 10, 2016

The Power of Persuasion was presented at the January 28th meeting of Young Professionals of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (British Columbia), in Kelowna. Note: the first four minutes have a problem with camera angle but clears up after that.

Presenter, Rae Stonehouse, shares sage advice on how to leverage your knowledge and experience, channel your passion, build your personal influence and how to speak to make things happen.

Introduction is by Tia Haunts, Project Engineer, Urban Systems, Nelson, B.C.

Also please note that about an hour or so of dead air got added in post production. Sorry about that!