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All Things Toastmasters! (33)

Toastmasters has been the world's best kept secret for providing inexpensive, real-world communication & leadership skills training. 

Rae Stonehouse DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) has been a Toastmaster for over 27 years. In this series of articles, Rae shares his sage advice and experiences. Enjoy!

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As Matthew Kleinosky says “Absolutely!”

While it may seem that you are causing an imposition for your fellow club members, you are actually doing them a favour by not delivering your speech. It might even better to stay home until your cough clears.

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There have been some good answers to this question that seem to cover almost everything that I would have to say.

Belonging to multiple clubs isn’t common but neither is it uncommon. At different times in my Toastmasters career I have belonged to three clubs at the same time. One was my home club that meets weekly. Another an Advanced club that met monthly and another club we were working towards chartering.

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At the risk of restating what others before me have said, I believe the value of anything to be subjective.

Our Toastmasters educational program is a self-directed, open-ended program that is also not a pass/fail one. I understand that many school organizations have problems with the concept of the educational program not being quantifiable.

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This question is a flipside to the question of What are the reasons to quit Toastmasters. You can read my response to that question at https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-reason-to-quit-Toastmasters/answer/Rae-Stonehousehttps://www.quora.com/What-are-the-reason-to-quit-Toastmasters/answer/Rae-Stonehouse

There isn’t a one-size fits all answer to this question. If a member is getting everything out of the program that they can get out of the program, they will likely stay a member. I’m going on 23 years. Toastmasters is a part of my daily life. Rarely a day goes by where I’m not either working on something Toastmaster related or something that has been created due to my involvement with Toastmasters.

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It depends if you are going to watch it or participate in it.

The World Championship of Public Speaking is a progressive contest process owned and operated by Toastmasters International. The winner gets extreme bragging rights as the World Champion of Public Speaking.

I would suspect that there are few if any World Champion of Public Speaking Authors here on Quora, so anything that any of us can provide is purely theoretical.

I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all strategy to become a world champion.

The speech should be entertaining, informative, persuasive, and inspiring. I don’t know how to combine them. do you have any topic that contain those four aspects?


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I’m going to take a different approach to my answer than others have taken. I don’t believe that you need suggestions from anyone for specific topics. The answer is already within you.

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Toastmasters in action! Have you visited a club yet?The # 8 project in the Competent Communicator manual is “Get Comfortable With Visual Aids.”

At the risk of stating the obvious, the idea is to help you gain experience with using visual aids.

I have delivered this particular project fifteen times and have used audio-visuals in dozens of my presentations.

First off, I would suggest forgetting about the need to write a speech that focuses on using visual aids. Rather, you should create a speech that will be even better if you use visual aids to add to your message. Almost any presentation that is educational, instructional or informative lends itself to using visual aids. This project is to get you comfortable with your visual aids. You can only do so … by doing so!

When I first delivered this project, overhead projectors were the technology of the day. We had to learn how to create and copy overheads as well as how to organize them so they were in order. We also had to learn how to place the transparency on the overhead projector and replace them with another without blinding our audience.

In our digital world, audiences are becoming more sophisticated. They expect high-quality visuals to go with your presentation. Handouts are still effective as a way to share your content or provide additional content to what you are delivering. Your handouts should be well prepared and include lots of white space. You will need to decide whether your handout is better passed out in advance of your presentation or at strategic points throughout. I have used both.

Flip charts are still effective for displaying a message to a small group of people that are close enough to read it. This often works well in a typical Toastmasters meeting. I still use a flip chart when I deliver my How to write a speech using Mind Mapping presentation.


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Visit a Toastmaster meeting today!To be able to answer this question with any degree of quality, I think it is necessary to challenge the original assertion … is Toastmasters successful?

I think you have to qualify the term successful. Of the hundreds of thousands of members that have passed through the organization, have everyone of them been successful at achieving their goals? No.

Is Toastmasters the best in the world at teaching communication & leadership skills? Possibly, but probably not. It is however, the undisputed leader of providing inexpensive, effective communication & leadership skills training.

As a 22-year member, so far, I definitely believe that Toastmasters is successful from my perspective. I have leadership experience from the club executive level through to Area, Division, District and Regional.

So what actually makes Toastmasters successful? At the simplest level, I would say that the members do. We are a world-wide organization composed of clubs that embrace culture, ethnicity, diversity, adults over the age of 18 years, etc.

The communication manuals of the toastmaster club are avialable for download online.So can i use the material and organize an informal meeting among my friends in college on the lines of The Toastmaster meeting i.e Prepared speeches, Impromptu speeches and Evaluations?

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A Leader Takes People where they never go on there own.Theoretically, you could. I am sure that many speech/presentation coaches have done so. Likely though, they have recreated the content so that it is in a new format. I have done so.

Using the material for what you are suggesting is copyright infringement. Toastmasters International has a well-developed brand and should it be brought to their attention that you are using their material without permission you may very well receive contact from their Legal Department with a cease and desist order.

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Toastmasters International Competent Leader PinThe answer depends on how one interprets the question. There is outside of the club, meaning that the activity is conducted outside of the club meeting. Another interpretation of outside the club, is that the leadership project is conducted at a non Toastmasters event, with or without fellow Toastmasters.

Yes, there are several opportunities to get credit for a leadership project outside of your club. You may have to think a little out of the box for this one.

I believe the benefit of the Competent Leadership manual is that it provides real world leadership skills development opportunities that can be undertaken within your Toastmasters club. Opportunity is everywhere, be it at work or in your private life and if you can undertake a specific leadership project task, within the parameters of our educational program, I say go for it!

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