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All Things Toastmasters!

All Things Toastmasters! (33)

Toastmasters has been the world's best kept secret for providing inexpensive, real-world communication & leadership skills training. 

Rae Stonehouse DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) has been a Toastmaster for over 27 years. In this series of articles, Rae shares his sage advice and experiences. Enjoy!

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How to Say It? Good question! The number four project is designed to help you experience the difference between crafting your speech for the spoken work verses the written word. Is there really a difference? Most certainly!

When you write prose, you use punctuation marks in your story to let your reader know extra information that they need to understand the written material. A ? lets the reader know that a question is being asked. An ! at the end of a sentence would indicate that the preceding sentence has some importance. As readers, if we aren’t clear or are confused about something we have just read, we can usually easily go back and reread the previous section for clarification.

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Disinguished Toastmaster PinI can’t imagine there to be any other answer than “of course!”

One needs only to look at the yearly journey towards the coveted title of World Champion of Public Speaking. The title says it all “World Champion.” Everyone who competes at any level of the competition, from the club through to the world championship level has been a member of good standing of Toastmasters i.e. they are a product of the Toastmasters program.

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Mr Emcee aka Rae Stonehouse. Author of E=Emcee Squared:Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Dynamic Master of Ceremonies.This looks like a fairly simple question however, to provide a response of value is considerably more challenging.



Serving effectively as an Emcee at any event, requires quite a few specific skills. You need to be a good organizer, confident public speaker, systematic thinker, have good time management skills, be assertive and be a good problem solver to mention a few.

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Does Toastmasters Teach Social Skills? Article by Rae Stonehouse DTM.I’m going to take a contrary view as some others have and say “No, it does not.” However, Toastmasters does provide an amazing amount of opportunities to practice them.

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Shy?Like any thought-provoking question, there likely isn’t a definitive answer. This one, as others, would likely fit into the “it depends” category.

Let me preface my comments with sharing that I am a 22 years and counting member of Toastmasters, Past District 21 Governor and a Distinguished Toastmaster. I wouldn’t say that I was painfully shy when I joined Toastmasters but my shyness did limit me significantly.

While I can’t recommend a Toastmasters club enough for its ability to help increase your self-confidence, your poise, your communication & leadership skills and in time a reduction of one’s shyness, it isn’t an automatic effect of joining a club. You don’t learn public speaking by osmosis. You actually have to speak and incrementally improve your skill and self-confidence.

The same applies to reduction of one’s shyness. If you join a Toastmasters club with the expectation that they will solve your shyness problem, then you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you join with the express purpose of reducing your shyness and a self-directed plan to do so, you will likely be successful.

Our Toastmasters club officers take on their leadership role in one year increments. They are learning on the job as they practice servant leadership. I would expect that few of them have any practical experience in helping a shy person move forward. I have encountered far too many people, which tend to be extroverts, say “Just do as I do! That’s the right way!” When helping someone overcome shyness, it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ scenario.

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