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Rae A. Stonehouse is the author of You're Hired! Job Search Strategies that Work, as well as several other derivative publications and on-line e-courses. https://yourehirednow.com https://yourehirednow.com 

This section is a compilation of articles Rae has written about the job search, job interviewing and landing a job process. 


Not so sure about hacks, but here’s some sage advice.

The question is rather challenging in that you’re asking how to appeal to two different groups. If your main purpose is to appeal to recruiters, in that you are currently in job searching mode, your promotional copy needs to target them. Your promotional copy needs to be crafted so it attracts recruiters, lets them know you are looking for work and what you have to offer.

Getting upset is an emotional response that you have control over.

If you are getting upset, it may be indicative of you having mixed emotions about the position.

You will never know unless you ask.

I’m not so sure that I would bluntly request that I take a week off though after only having worked three months. Many organizations don’t allow you take vacation until after six months.

I’m going to suggest that you don’t add it to your resume. I don’t believe that it belongs there.

That’s not to say there isn’t value in that personal attribute.

While I believe that personal branding is a good idea for any professional, whether they have celebrity status or not, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is everything these days.

At the risk of being overly self-promotional, I would suggest checking out my book and or e-course.

There has to be a story behind a six-year job search journey? You are either doing something completely wrong, don’t have the credentials and experience for jobs you are applying for, or there is something wrong or negative in your resume.

I believe that it fits under the Experience Section of your resume.

In a resume, experience, is another way for saying that employers are looking for positions you have held in the past.

When a person starts a question with ‘what are the best …’ on any particular subject, it tends to elicit opinion-based responses, rather than those backed up with evidence-based data or best-practices scrutiny.

You are asking about resources for unemployed job seekers, a topic that I have given a considerable amount of time and research to.

It took me a bit of time to get my head wrapped around the question.

While I can’t think of any bogus ‘conventional’ job search advice that I am aware of, I would challenge the assertion that there is in fact conventional job search advice to be given and acted upon.

The so-called con

Prisoner in handcuffsYes, no, maybe … it depends!

If you have served time i.e. you were charged for a criminal offence in a court of law and were incarcerated for a period of time it is fact of life … your life. You can’t hide it. The important aspect of it is that you have hopefully come out a better person and you learned from the experience.

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