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Monday, 05 October 2015 09:42

Social Media Savant?

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Social Media Savant? by Rae Stonehouse, Okanagan-based Author, Speaker, Speech/Presentations Coach, Power Networker & Toastmaster Extraordinaire.

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a plethora of self-proclaimed social media gurus, wizards and ninjas in the marketplace? They seem to be popping up everywhere. Ten years ago you would be hard-pressed to find a single one. I guess we weren’t very social back then.

Enter Social Media Savants.

Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines savant as:

  • a person who knows a lot about a particular subject
  • a person who does not have normal intelligence but who has very unusual mental abilities that other people do not have

I’m left wondering that if someone calls you a social media savant, is it a compliment or are they dissing you? When I think of a savant I think of the bald headed kid sitting on the porch in the 70s movie Deliverance, providing a virtuoso performance of Duelling Banjos. He definitely didn’t display any social tendencies. As I recall, as soon as his performance was over, he went back into pause mode. Presumably, until the next lost traveller shows up at his shack’s front door.


This social media hierarchy gets confusing. Is a Social Media Savant higher up the ladder than a Social Media Guru? What about Ninjas and Wizards, what rung are they on?

I got curious about job opportunities for the range of Social Media experts and searched Linkedin. There were no listings for Social Media Savants. I guess the marketplace doesn’t know about this new elite category. Social Media Gurus offered 62 jobs, whereas Social Media Ninjas, only 35.

Social Media Specialized offered a whopping 535 jobs. I’m not sure what conclusion to draw from this. Are Ninjas and Gurus a step down from being Specialized or are they targeting a specific niche in the market? In most fields specializing ensures that you can ask for more money for your services because you have risen to the top of your field and the supply is less. Therefore the demand is higher for your services.

I have to wonder how Social Media Ninjas differentiate themselves from the other social media elite. Do they wear black pyjamas all the time and only work the night shift? Are there social media martial arts techniques only known to a few and you can purchase their services, like a Samurai warrior in ancient Japan? You would think that you would notice them around town but then wearing one’s pyjamas out in public seems to be more acceptable, at least by those with similar attire. Would they wear their black pyjamas to a job interview? I guess we might never know the inner world of the Social Media Ninja.

As for Social Media Gurus, I can’t get past the image of Yoda, sitting in front of a computer screen, a mountain of snack food empty wrappers on his desk, uttering sage guru advice. “Use your hashtag Luke …”

I was curious and searched Facebook to see how social, Social Media Savants actually were. Apparently not as social as I would expect. The Social Media Savant, on Facebook, posts good content, sporadically, but only has 39 Friends. I would have expected thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Friends with having ‘savant’ status. Can you be a shy, social media savant? It would seem to be a conflict of terms but the internet is the great equalizer when it comes to introverts and extroverts, playing together in the same sandbox.

Then my research revealed yet another category, Social Savant. I wonder where they stand on the ladder?  Here is the content from their business profile.

“I don't have time to fill in the company description right now. As soon as I sit down and really do some hard thinking about the business plan, etc., I'll get it done. In the meantime, know that we are a social media marketing company that operates on all social platforms to deliver the finest results to our customers. Our customers' needs come first; we won't try and sell them anything they don't need, and we will communicating every step of the way to ensure that the product delivered is the product desired.”

Hmmm, that doesn’t sound very social to me. I think they might be trying to sell me something …

At what point can a person proclaim that they are an expert? I’m sure that an advanced degree in social media marketing might make you an expert, but I would imagine that by the time you ended your schooling, many of the social medial platforms that you mastered, would be defunct. There is a long list of social media platforms that have gone the way of the dodo bird. What of those experts? Were they able to leverage their experience and move on to the latest and greatest platform of the day?

As a social media marketer myself, albeit for personal and non-profit organizations, at what point can I declare my expert status? I have about a dozen Facebook Pages that I own or administer, all on different themes. Ten or so Twitter profiles. A few Linkedin Groups and several YouTube Channels. I’m close to finishing writing my next e-book “Think Marketing! An On-line & Social Media Approach to Increasing Toastmasters Club Membership”. I am presenting webinars on social media and hosting live Blab broadcasts.

After three nights of restless sleep, having active dreams about Facebook and ghosts, I felt that was a little unusual. Perhaps I shouldn’t watch the Haunting with my wife before going to sleep. Was I becoming a Social Media Savant where it was taking over every hour of my life, awake or asleep, or could there be another reason? I have narrowed it down to caffeine overdose. I drink decaf coffee and tea all day, every day but the culprit seems to be my daily cup of extra-strong cocoa. Mud, seems to keep me awake at night.

I’m at a stage of my life where I am anticipating retiring from my 40 year nursing career and moving on to something else. I’m fairly social. I spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m well-connected. I could get used to wearing black pyjamas, at least around the house.

How will I stand out from all of the other self-proclaimed prodigals? Rae Stonehouse Social Media Maximus! Has a certain ring to it. What do you think … can you trump that?



Rae Stonehouse

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Rae A. Stonehouse is a Canadian born author & speaker. His professional career as a Registered Nurse working predominantly in psychiatry/mental health, has spanned four decades.

Rae has embraced the principal of CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement) as promoted by thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and brings that philosophy to each of his publications and presentations.

Rae has dedicated the latter segment of his journey through life to overcoming his personal inhibitions. As a 27+ year member of Toastmasters International he has systematically built his self-confidence and communicating ability. He is passionate about sharing his lessons with his readers and listeners. His publications thus far are of the personal/professional self-help, self-improvement genre and systematically offer valuable sage advice on a specific topic.

His writing style can be described as being conversational. As an author Rae strives to have a one-to-one conversation with each of his readers, very much like having your own personal self-development coach. Rae is known for having a wry sense of humour that features in his publications.


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