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If you do not toot your own horn then who will?

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Blow your own horn! If you don't who will?Short answer … in my opinion … likely nobody will.

Slightly longer answer …

Even is someone is tooting (blowing) your horn, are they playing the right tune?

Self-promotion is an area that many people have great difficulty with. We are trained at an early age that talking about yourself and your accomplishments is bragging and nobody likes a bragger. I’m fond of a quote by Walt Whitman, American Cowboy Poet “If you done it, it ain’t bragging!”

If we are to move forward and benefit from our accomplishments, we need to self-promote.

I recently delivered a seminar at my Toastmasters club entitled ‘Blow Your Own Horn: Personal Marketing for Everyday People.”

In the seminar I outlined the differences between personal branding and corporate branding. I encouraged everyone to do a self-analysis to determine what they stand for. I outlined ways to use Linkedin and other social media to facilitate self-promotion.

The basis of self-promotion, in my mind is having a well-crafted elevator pitch, that is adaptable to different situations.

If you want people to toot your horn, you have to provide them with the info that you want them to promote. This is not a passive activity. You need to take the initiative to train your trumpeters so that the message is favourable. Of equal importance, is tooting other people’s horns. Fair is fair.

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