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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 01:38

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Mr. Emcee in Action: Introducing Speakers @ Entrepreneur Conference in Kelowna

Mr. Emcee aka Rae Stonehouse demonstrating introducing speakers at the OVES Unleashing Ideas Conference November 2013 in Kelowna.




Mr. Emcee in Action: Welcoming Comments to Conference Attendees 

Rae Stonehouse aka Mr. Emcee demonstrates master of ceremonies comments at the Unleashing Ideas Conference hosted by the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society in Kelowna, B.C. in November 2013.



Mr Emcee Elder Abuse Awareness Forum Promo June 2012

This video was recorded in June 2012 at a meeting of the Okanagan Advanced Toastmasters (OATs) in Kelowna, B. C.



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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 10:21

Albert Was Right! New E-book Release

Albert Was Right! New E-book Release by Rae Stonehouse, Okanagan-based Author, Speaker, Speech/Presentations Coach, Power Networker & Toastmaster Extraordinaire.

Albert Was Right! New E-book Release


E=Emcee Squared: Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Dynamic Master of Ceremonies by Rae A. Stonehouse.

In this practical, easy to use e-book, Rae A. Stonehouse a.k.a. Mr. Emcee, of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada puts the “Master” in Master of Ceremonies. He shares tips & techniques that he has learned over the years in becoming a dynamic Master of Ceremonies.

Officiating as a Master of Ceremonies at an event is a lot like looking at an iceberg floating in the water. The public only sees what is happening at the event … the tip of the iceberg. They don’t see what has happened behind the scenes or under the water, so to speak, to make everything look like it is running smoothly.

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Let Me Introduce … The Art of Introducing a Speaker: Practical Tips & Techniques by Rae Stonehouse, Okanagan-based Author, Speaker, Speech/Presentations Coach, Power Networker & Toastmaster Extraordinaire.

Have you ever heard this said “Our next speaker needs no introduction …” Well, if that’s true mister/madam emcee, then why do we need you? As a Master of Ceremonies your role is to build excitement about each and every speaker or presenter that is on your agenda.

While developing and honing my speaking skills at countless Toastmasters meetings and introducing hundreds of speakers and their speeches over the years, I have developed an appreciation for the value of an effective introduction. Whether you are introducing a speaker/presenter, presenting an award or introducing a person that will be taking on a role in the program, a professionally written and delivered introduction can exponentially increase the effectiveness of the person that you are introducing.