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Monday, 05 October 2015 09:42

Social Media Savant?

Social Media Savant? by Rae Stonehouse, Okanagan-based Author, Speaker, Speech/Presentations Coach, Power Networker & Toastmaster Extraordinaire.

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a plethora of self-proclaimed social media gurus, wizards and ninjas in the marketplace? They seem to be popping up everywhere. Ten years ago you would be hard-pressed to find a single one. I guess we weren’t very social back then.

Enter Social Media Savants.

Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines savant as:

  • a person who knows a lot about a particular subject
  • a person who does not have normal intelligence but who has very unusual mental abilities that other people do not have

I’m left wondering that if someone calls you a social media savant, is it a compliment or are they dissing you? When I think of a savant I think of the bald headed kid sitting on the porch in the 70s movie Deliverance, providing a virtuoso performance of Duelling Banjos. He definitely didn’t display any social tendencies. As I recall, as soon as his performance was over, he went back into pause mode. Presumably, until the next lost traveller shows up at his shack’s front door.