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Friday, 10 April 2015 13:29

Would You Like Your Website Stapled?

This week’s Staples’ flyer introduces their new website design & hosting services. You can build your own site for a mere $9.99 per month and have a choice of hundreds of templates to choose from or they will build it for you, starting at $99.00 per month.

So if I do the arithmetic correctly, if they can get my site up and running in a couple weeks, I should only be out about $50.00. That seems like a good deal!

Has website developing become a commodity like many other industries? I’m reminded of the printing industry. At one time you had to go to printers because they were the only with the technology to do your print job. Along came copier businesses that were able to do the same task, presumably at less cost to the consumer. Then along comes home printer/copiers so now you can do all of your printing needs without having to leave home. Except for the fact that the ink supplies are increasing in price so that you have to go back to the copier and the printers to be able to afford a large printing project.